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Cape cod Shorefishing 2017 day 7

With the promise of full sun and light winds, we decided to give the eastern shoreline of Cape Cod Bay a shot. Surely the poor water quality and mung of 2 days ago on the north-facing shore couldn't be repeated there.

Well....but it didn't matter.

We crested the dunes with the sun at our back at 6:30 AM, still 30minutes to go until low. At this site the key is a bar that forms and juts far out westward so that you can wade right to the edge of the permanently watered grass beds. And some years it seems as though every fish in the Bay is waiting out the low slack there, ready to move in with the incoming. The danger, though, is overstaying your welcome out there. There is a trough to be crossed. One needs a water gauge to eyeball and the moxie to leave what might be spectacular fishing, with even sight fishing big fish, and get the hell out.

The Bay was glassy, no wind, and not a single bird hovering over bait, tern diving, or swirl as evidence of fish. I waded out to my limit in front of some dark grass beds, stripped out 15 feet of head as a starter and flopped it through the guides. As I stripped out another handful and raised the rod for the second flop a fish rushed the fly but missed. Uh oh. I retrieved the second longer flop as a cast and came tight to a schoolie. Steve was a hundred yards behind me on shore as he had bought a new line, put it on a spare reel the night before, and was stringing up. By the time he arrived I was 7 for 7.

Long story was “one of those days”. The fish were “out there” until the tide forced us back to shore, but there were just as many on the rock points we tried next until we both tired of catching fish after fish. I reeled in and went looking for some sight fishing on sand flats to the south but the mung, which was everywhere EXCEPT far out where we started, was awful. But if I waded out to the edge of depth and fish through it there fish were there. I walked half a mile to another point, fish after fish. Eventually more of our party arrived and parked themselves on the first two points.....where they took fish after fish.

Bottom line, along the shoreline the mung was awful. But you just had to fish through it. Because they were THERE......EVERYWHERE. And, altho my two biggest fish were less than an inch of becoming dinner, many larger fish were regularly spotted shadowing a pack of schoolies following in a hooked fish or cruising the shoreline at waist-depth hurrying past you. I really think that none were caught because it was so rarely that the schoolies let the fly get down. Most dry casts either had multiple short takes OR were fouled with mung.

I had bragged at dinner last night that I DIDN'T have “bass thumb” because I had learned to grab schoolies firmly behind the head for the unhooking, keeping my thumb and digits out of their mouths altogether, but today I got a moderate dose of it. That technique does not work on the bigger end of the schoolies. You HAVE to lip them. So now I am “mister-sore-fingers”.

I diagnosed Steve, since at mid-morning he wandered off his point “just because I was tired of catching fish”, with the first case of “striper poisoning”. But in truth he was not alone.

It feels as though, if our job is truly to mark ALL these fish with hook scars, our work is progressing nicely.
Peter Patricelli

Here's looking at you...kid

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