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Old 11-21-2002, 02:44 PM
klaney klaney is offline
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Join Date: Before Nov. 1999
Posts: 28
I've been fishing for most of my 28 years and have only stuck myself good(notice I said good) once. I was up in Pulaski two years ago and landed a nice 20+ king. I wanted to get a picture for the photo album, so I grabbed the fish with one hand in the gills and another around the base of the tail. What I neglected to see was the large stainless steel bait hook that someone had broken off right near the tail, so when I lifted the fish and it squirmed.... you guessed it, got the hook right through my pinky! So I'm sitting there with a hook in my hand that's attached to a thrashing salmon. I put the fish on the ground and tried to cut through the hook with a leathermans tool, but the wire cutters weren't strong enough to cut through stainless. Luckily, a nearby fisherman came over to help and told me to just count to three, and obviously, pulled it out on two! He managed to do a hell of a job. Even with the fish thrashing, the hole in my pinky was about the width of the hook and barb! I bled the cut a little, wrapped it up with a dunkin donuts napkin and some duct tape and was back on the river in less than 15 minutes. No ER required!
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Old 11-21-2002, 03:05 PM
Cheju Cheju is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 701
Duct tape? This stuff is going to be so expensive. Every doctor and hospital will require it and the medical insurers will have to pay for it. Look out!

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Old 11-21-2002, 03:20 PM
joelyons joelyons is offline
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Join Date: Before Nov. 1999
Location: Rhode Island
Posts: 58
While fishing on Block Island about seven years ago I was using a hook disgorger to retrieve my eel and live bait hook from a deeply hooked bass. (This was before I switched to circles.)
I was rushing because there were so many fish around….I pushed it down and turned it, but drew it up too fast and buried it between my thumb joint and where the thumb connects to the hand. I tried to push it through, but it would not budge.
Not wanting to leave the fish, I continued to fish out the tide, went to bed and had it removed the next day. It did not hurt or bother me at all….I got used to it after a while
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Old 11-22-2002, 08:15 AM
Slow Slow is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: Scituate/Orleans
Posts: 6
On the way to the boat to go try out my new 3" lure with two trebles on my light tackle rod, we (me, my wife, and our 4 month old puppy Maggie) stopped by my parents house to see some new construction. We left Maggie in the car and took a quick tour of the house. When I came out to grab my rod and walk down to the dock I couldn't figure it out. I grabbed the rod but the new lure wasn't tied in any more and questions started running thru my mind. Did I not tie it in? Did my knot slip? Did I lose it? Where did it go? Where can I get a new one? Man, am I losing it?.......Hey why is Maggie staying in the front seat she's never that good? The last question hit me about the same time my wife opened the front door and let out a small scream. As soon as I heard that scream I knew the answer to every question. Yup Maggie somehow had jumped in the back seat and gotten two hooks of the treble caught in her chest and then (probabaly trying to get away from the pain ran to the front of the car) In doing so she had parted the 8lb test (20lb dog at the time) Then she must have been fussing with the lure and gotten one of the hooks of the other treble hooked in her arm. She (the puppy) was sitting there very calm, but a little concerned. (my wife was a little less calm and lot more concerned) I cut the trebles off of the lure so that her forearm wasn't attached to her chest. Then cut the base of the treble in her arm away from the other two hooks of the treble. (notice here I don't account for where the remaining two hooks go) I tried to push away from the barb and pull the hook out, no good. I tried to push the hook back thru her skin and out again, but Maggie was having NONE of that. OK I'll admit it so far this story is like chewing on tinfoil, but here's where it gets good. We took her to the vet. While the vet was in back removing the hook the admin fired up the computer. A billing symbol later and across the screen comes "Fish Hook Removal". No joke. They had a code on the computer at the vet on the cape for "Fish Hook Removal". With a single code it automatically billed for the 20 minutes with the vet, the knock out gas for the dog, and the weeks worth of antibiotics. So with a slightly lighter wallet, a dog who will no longer come anywhere near me if I'm holding a fishing rod, short one brand new lure, and with my wife armed with yet another reason why I shouldn't spend so much time fishing, we headed back to my parents. I pull up the driveway and hop out of the car(barefoot) take one step towards the back door to let Maggie out and she gets her revenge. The remaining two hooks that I failed to account for earlier were now found!! In the bottom of my foot. You can be sure after I had tried to play surgeon on our dog there was no way that ANYONE (my wife or parents) were going to drive me to the hospital they figured that I needed the practice. I found the method of cutting the base off and pushing the hook thru to be the less painful alternative. (a note dont cut the base off until AFTER you have pushed the tip and barb out the other side first. Otherwise you could end up with a hook under your skin and no way to push it out. It didn't happen to me, but it seemed like it coud have.) I really should switch to barbless hooks......
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Old 11-22-2002, 10:50 AM
JSeamans's Avatar
JSeamans JSeamans is offline
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Join Date: Before Nov. 1999
Posts: 711
Worst I ever heard was my friend's dad reading the Coast Guard report aloud one time on the Cape: Airlift off fishing boat due to tuna hook in scrotum.

My personal worst was one of those Flatfish lures with two small trebles on a spreader bar and a large one at the tail: there was a small largemouth thrashing around on one of the small trebles. My hand came up as he was coming down and the large treble was buried in the tip of my finger with the fish still flapping all over the dock with me attached. Doc had to cut it and push the point out the other side. Love them smelling salts...
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Old 11-22-2002, 11:01 AM
David Churbuck's Avatar
David Churbuck David Churbuck is offline
Join Date: May 1995
Location: Cotuit, Cape Cod
Posts: 1,471
Hall of Fame

I just copied this thread into the Hall of Fame. The tuna hook through the scrotum did it for me.

I've heard that some emergency rooms have a special display of stuff they've removed from patients. Anyone know if any ER docs keep the hooks and lures they remove from their hapless patients?
David Churbuck
co-founder Reel-time
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Old 11-22-2002, 11:23 AM
Mark Cahill's Avatar
Mark Cahill Mark Cahill is offline
Join Date: Feb 1996
Location: Manchaug, MA
Posts: 4,055
No, but...

I've seen a charter captain in Alaska who kept a copy of an x-ray on his boat showing a large halibut circle hook embedded in his hand.

Apparently he was fishing alone 3 hours out of Homer in fairly heavy seas. Had to pilot the boat back in in intense pain...

My Dad was an Anesthesiologist...(RI Veterans may remember him from the VA). He had many great stories...especially from his days at Boston City Hospital, affectionately known as the Boston Knife and Gun Club.


The paramedics showed up at the scene of an accident. A guy in an old country squire had rear ended someone, and a large crowbar had flown from the back of the car, through the headrest of the seat, through his head and into the windshield. The paramedic looked in and said "He's dead..."

Guy whispers, "I'm not dead yet..."

They used a cutoff saw to cut the crowbar off in front of his skull and behind it. After something like 16 hours of surgery, the guy survived, although he'd had a serious attitude adjustment...

Or this one:

Guy gets dragged into the er with the hilt of a knife hanging out of the top of his left shoulder. They xray him, and find out the blade is over a foot long. The knife had apparently passed just outboard of the heart, and inboard of the aorta. In other words, his heart and aorta were wrapped around the knife. A move in either direction or any jarring at all getting him to the er would have killed him. Another 15 hours worth of surgery...presto, he lives to be stabbed again.
Mark Cahill
Read my blog at
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