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Old 08-17-2003, 07:35 AM
riptide riptide is offline
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Thumbs up 8/16 S of the Vineyard Report

Since the water was so calm yesterday and the reports of tuna and Mahi were everywhere thatís what the plan was for today. Bob Pink and Jimmi were on Jimmiís Mako and Sage and I were on the Riptide. We met at the house at 0330 and headed to Green Pond. We were heading down the sound by 0430 and clearing Nomans at 0530. The sound was pretty flat and made for a comfortable cruise. When we cleared Nomanís the forecasted 2-4ís became mostly 4ís with the occasional soaker thrown in. We cut the speed back to 25-27 and set the tabs low. Jimmi and bob found 22 with the tabs dug in gave them the best ride. We worked our way due south watching all the fleet head out on either side of us. Something about seeing a big Sport fisherman hauling a$$ in the early morning that get me fired up. We found a temp break 75.5 around 15 miles out from Nomanís and began to look for hi-fliers as were continued out trek. The first one we found was a good one. On the first cast I cherried the Riptide with nice 4# neon Mahi. The fish went for a small mackerel Yo-Zuri minnow, along with a ton of his friends. Sage took one on the fly and I picked Ėup several more on the light-spinning rod. On 8# test these things are a blast. Itís been a while since Iíve caught Mahi, and never from this boat so it was great to have this close to home. Bob and Jimmi also began a steady pick of the Neon missiles off the flier. When the action slowed they went to the other end of the flier and we went looking for another. We both scored. We found a flier that was loaded with fish and began to take them cast after cast. I broke out the 6 wt and tried to catch a few. I just couldnít connect on the little fly rod. The wind made casting it tough and the small flies only got follows. I changed the 10wt and hooked up right away. The longer casts and the 4Ē mackerel fly worked like a charm. While the flyrod was fun, I went back to the spinning rod soon after. The wind and waves made life tough with the long rod and having 2 guys fly-fishing was even worse. I was more than happy to continue to taunt them with the little Yo-Zuri. We moved from flier to flier catching fish on each one. We continued to look for tuna but to no avail. When we made it to the corner of the Dump we decided the weather was not getting better and this would be as far as we would go. Jimmi and Bob began a trolling spread while Sage and I eased our way east a bit. We both found more fliers and more fish. We ended up at the Star where the fleet was trolling everywhere. We could not figure out why at first. We saw no temp break coming from the Dump, but when we left and headed towards Muskeget it became very obvious. The temps dropped to 69 degrees. For boats running out from that end this area was a huge temp change. We had been running parallel to the break since the dump so to us it was just more warm water. We saw one nice pod of dolphins on top which got our pulses up, but other than that not much sign of anything. Very few birds and no whales. We ran back in past Wasque and along the Vineyard and finally back to Green Pond. Final tally for the day was around 50 mahi for our boat and I believe Bob and Jimmi out fished us. Bob really had these fish figured out. The water was 75.5 and any hi flier held fish. The water was rough and the wind was 15-20kts. Mileage for the day was 125 round trip. Over all a fantastic day for everyone.

A few notes about this trip. I have had several people ask me if they should try this in there small boat. This is not a ďtryĒ trip. This of it this way: if you try and fail what happens? Everyone on both of our boats had a ton of experience and all were seasoned boaters. We had float plans left with my wife. The boats were both in excellent condition (mine just back from Monahanís for a 40hour check) we had excellent medical supplies on board in case of emergency. We had back-upís to our back-ups when it came to electronics (several hand-held GPS and VHFís both) Lastly we are very aware of the limits of the boats. I am on mime almost every day. I have no doubt in what the boat can and canít do. If you have to ask ďcan I or my boat make this trip?Ē The answer should be no! Just because your boat may be able does not mean you are ready to undertake this trip. This is not an insult but the truth. Time OTW is the only thing that will prepare you for a long trip offshore in a small boat. A minor issue inshore can be a major one when you are 30+ miles from help. If you want to enjoy this kind of fishing there are many ways to do it. Charter a boat that specializes in this kind of fishing (Not me, I wonít charter out that far). Get in touch with a friend or BBS member and offer to share expenses when they go out. Then if you boat and equipment are ready and you get some time in rough seas you can make the trip with confidence. Light tackle fishing form a smaller boat offshore is a blast, but it can be VERY dangerous. The bottom line is DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS UNLESS YOU ARE 100% SURE YOU AND YOUR BOAT ARE READY!
Good Luck,

Capt. Terry Nugent
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