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Old 07-24-2004, 03:02 PM
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7/15- Cape Cod Fly Wade Report w/ pic.:

7/15- Cape Cod Fly Wade Report:
Tides well start to improve next week and only get better as we get into the first week of August. Boater's still doing great off all of the Outer Cape beach's in 25-80 feet of water. 5 inch Sand Lances seem to be doing the trick in either fly or plastics for the spin crew. (sluggos in hot pink, white or natural grayish colors) As always bait is the best way to go if your so inclined. Nothing like the real deal. (Scent, color, action)

"Wow" would be about the best way to describe yesterdays fly fishing adventure with Mike and Todd as my guest's. Normally what we do is called fishing, but today it should have been called catching, as catch they did. We headed to that "new" hot area I've been scouting and fishing of late and boy did we "spank'm" good while wading. The first 2 of my demonstrations cast's, correct countdown, correct retrieve to imitate a Sand Lance fleeing action, proper rod positioning, correct etc. ended with 2 fish right off the bat. Mike and Todd's eye's all of a sudden got real big and they couldn't get their lines-flies in the water fast enough before they were both hooked up too. With cloudy, misty skies, perfect strong wind blowing at their back's and the drop off not to far out. The morning pretty much consisted of "if you can cast it 50-70 feet to get it into the deep water you would hook-up. Lost track of all the fish they got to play with. I even got to fish a lil and we all laughed when we had all 3 rods doubled over. As soon as the fishing would slow up a little, we would simply move down the beach to find some less educated-pounded fish and we would start catching them all over again. So we basically would work an area and then move, work an area and then move. Worked like a charm and the tide stage really did not make a difference. 5 inch Adult Sand Lance pattern was used exclusively. (White and Olive basically) We did play with a couple of other pattern's, but it was incredibly obvious that my Sand Lance pattern was what they wanted with a vengeance.

Both of my guest's are doubled up on their pleasure and doubled up on their fun numerous times today. Congrats Guys!!

After awhile we had had enough of this craziness and decided to go learn some new and different water that Mike and Todd could add to their list of places to come back to on their own to fish. We fished an area where we had an incredible out flow (river) of water from a tidal estuary. I was hoping as in past trips that the fish would be stacked up like cord wood in this current and we would hammer them again. Couldn't buy a fish here, but by then it was time to call it a day. Thanks for stopping in, Randy

(For additional information, articles, pictures and almost daily fishing reports for the S.E. Cape Cod area please visit Randy's web site at )
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