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Old 05-25-2000, 08:53 PM
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5/25 S.E. Cape Cod, Chatham, Wade, Fly Fishing, Monomoy, South Beach area

5/25 S.E. Cape Cod, Chatham, Wade, Fly Fishing, Monomoy, South Beach area

5/20 Inside South Beach-Very slow. Morris Island - slow. No Blue Fish were spotted
5/21South Beach inside: Slow on the dropping, incoming produced a couple of 34 inchers on a fly for friends and several bursts of schoolies made it fun. Overall, reel slow. Water temp. 51 deg. dropped 5-8 which did not help. Also with the strong N.E wind it normally push's the bait out. No bait was spotted. O-well and it had been fishing pretty well. Monomoy gave up a few small ones. I think its still way to cold to be on the Island.

We have been hitting them on the incoming off inside of S.Beach. Not heavy. Few in 30 inch range, some in mid. 20 inch, most teens. Dropping has not produced as well. These are the migratories coming through then swinging South into current on incoming (inside South Beach). Then out around to the outside and North along S. Beach on the dropping and into P. Bay. Then up Nauset, etc…These fish are like most others when in a transitional stage. They use the contour of the bottom in conjunction with the current flow to help them navigate. I wonder if they use scent to navigate or to return to their residential summer home?

Flats: Saw a few on the inside S.B. flats today. Light was very bad. Water temp. 50 deg. No Blue Fish were spotted

I've been starting my days in the Bass River on the dropping, due to its warmer water. Then out to S. Beach for the incoming and migrating strips. Seems to be working o.k.

5/23 Fished for a couple hours in the middle of the Bass River during the fastest part of the dropping. Hooked a good # of schoolies. Orvis 300-grain Depth Charge line does the trick. This is my # 1 line on the Cape when going deep or in current. Once in awhile ill use a 400. A number of my friends really enjoy the 350. Combine these lines on a stiff rod and it's like spreading soft butter on a warm muffin.

5/24 Great day. Good #'s caught on the dropping. Bass River down low. Clients were a family of 3. Highlight was teaching Daughter Dorothy how to throw a fly and fight fish. Then watching her a short time later hooking into a good fish, fighting it correctly then landing a 30-inch bass. As father asked her to hold the fish up for a photo, she lipped it and as she lifted it out of the water she lost her grip and dropped it. O-well, I had her hold her hands apart to show the size of the fish. I gave her 1 last lesson on fishing and spread her hands apart a little more! Ha This was her first time fly-fishing the Salt. Total of 40 fish landed mostly small.

5/25 Had great success SIGHT fishing the outer beaches from shore with Spey Rod and ladder on the high to dropping tide in the A.M. All Stripers (1 6" to 32") They were in schools of 10 to 50. Wide profile fly, floating line were used successfully. Ye- Haa!

Water Temperature Tip coming from the Pro's:
A tip I received from top rod flats boat Capt. Dave Steeve's is to look for water temps in the 55-deg. range. When you find it, you will find fish. Especially on the flats on and around Monomoy. He was recently looking for fish in Stage Harbor and all that was required was to look at his temp. gauge. If it read 55, he was into fish! Second best Monomoy wade guide George Ryan (Mayor of Monomoy) says when you feel a warmer temp. change through your breathable waders, stop and fish it or look for them. Normally in the spring when you're on the flats this warmer water is a prime spot. Search out warmer water on the flats and you WILL be rewarded.

Since the Blues are around, I thought some of you maybe wondering about the connection between fly, wire and leader. This is a resent question I was asked that I would like to share with all of you.


What is the best way to connect American Wire Co. braided stainless steel to your leader/tippet. All the knots I tied broke. I don't know how to do a Bimini twist. I end up with a loop-to-loop. What do you recommend? Thanks, Mike

Start off with a 12-inch piece of wire.
Could try tying the wire to the fly with a surgeon's loop. This gives the fly a little more action. Personally I don't think the small amount of additional action makes a difference with Blues. Plus, I think the larger knot could make a Striper think twice about hitting it. I like the clinch knot. It takes a little more time, as you have to manipulate it a bit to tighten it. I always tie these up at home and not on the water, so time is not important. This knot is small enough that I can even catch Stripers on it at this time of the year. Then tie on a 3-foot piece of 15 lb. Fluorocarbon to the wire using an Albright knot. This knot is used when attaching 2 different materials together that are of vastly different diameters. Like Backing to Fly line, etc... The fluorocarbon is used to increase the odds of hooking a striper by cutting down on the visibility of the leader. Roll this up and place it in a plastic bag. If Mr. Blue shows up, clip off several feet of you leader and tie this on with a surgeons knot. Its quick, fast and you will still be able to catch Stripers.

All marshes and tidal rivers on the south side of the Cape are on fire. Any fly is working. There is also some super action on the surface during slack tides. Small gurglers are the fly of choice. Fishing has been productive on the South side, off any jetty, at high tide.

Wish you were here:
Look for fishing to be the best in most areas (but not all) on and around the last 3 days and the first 8-10 days of the Month, all summer long. These are all days with exaggerated tides that tend to bring in fresh fish and cause them to feed aggressively. I would plan my fishing vacation around those days. Expect the fishing to be EXPLOSIVE!

Plan on Herring leaving in large #'s during the last couple days of the month through the first 8 days of June. We will be having exaggerated tides, so a large Herring pattern should do the trick especially if fishing close to a freshwater outlet on the dropping tide.

Cinder Worm Hatch:
Look for a worm hatch during these same exaggerated tides. Normally low light, evenings, mud bottomed Marsh's best.

Top Fly Profiles:
I have my best luck with Blues if I imitate large bait, 3-5 inch's tall-5-8 inch's long. That's what they want, so give it to'em. The other major profile of bait that is present is Thin (pencil or less in thickness), 4 inch's long. Adult Sand Lances and Silversides. White on bottom, Olive on top. Or all white, all chartreuse. Throw in a little gold flash as an attractor.

We should all try to remember that we are stewards of our environment. If it were not for conservative minded people 20 years ago, we would not be enjoying the fruits of there labor today. Please remember that a fish is to valuable a resource to only be caught once (Lee Wolf).


Happy Hookin;

Randy Jones

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