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Old 08-06-2007, 08:17 AM
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Trolling Tips

I had a few questions on trolling for these guys:

1. What speed to you troll at. I've done a lot of trolling in the tropics and I know we usually go between 7 - 9 mph. I know these tuna are fast, but is this too fast for up here?

2. Cedar plugs. Do you use them up here? Are they better off being run solo or would you run them behind a bird?

3. Bonitos...are there particular sizes/colors that are proven produces Blue Fin?

4. Green Machine/Bird Rig. I have a GM that I purchased rigged already. How far do you like the lure behind a bird? Should I shorten the factory leader, which I think is about 12 - 15'

I should also mention that "up here" is the North Shore...I wouldn't think tactics shouldn't differ that much from Cape Cod, but I know this is a game of inches so I figured I mention that.

Lastly, we did a bunch of trolling at the NWC on Saturday...didn't see any life other than some whales feeding. On the way back in we saw a small pod of tuna....I only saw the backs of 2 fish, but it was something. They were only about 5 miles from shore....figures!

Thanks in advance for the pointers.
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Old 08-06-2007, 09:03 PM
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this is what I do, everyone's got different Ideas.

I troll squid bars @ 5 kts or a little better,sometimes a hair slower depending on sea conditions.
I know guys use them and they are popular in some parts ,but I've never had anything touch a cedar plug. and not from lack of trying.

there's nothing wrong with running a GM12 to 15 ft behind a bird. I like to rig them in threes 2 -9" in front of a 12" with a big bird up front. (I make my own out of cedar with aluminum wings. they're about a foot long) I run the 12" bait ,with the hook, about 10-12 ft back from the last 9".

speed has alot to do with what your running.squid bars, and birds and gm's are made to be run at different speeds in my opinion. gm's and birds are run a little faster.
my best days have been running three squid bars. sometimes I'll run something small ,close,I've taken a few fish on tuna clones run about 25-30ft off the transom. hope this at least gets you started ,there are a million variables.
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Old 08-08-2007, 06:03 AM
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Thanks for the reply. I've tried to fight off the fever, but this year it has a hold of me! A buddy of mine just got a new boat, so I think there's going to be plenty of opportunities to chase these guys.

We were out on Saturday a the NWC, and it was failry we started playing around with the trolling gear. Wasn't sure if we were way off base with how I was setting the spread, speed, etc. I think we were in the right neighborhood.

Thanks again!
A good fish is too valuable to be caught only once...
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