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Old 11-13-2008, 04:41 PM
inmanmatt inmanmatt is offline
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Punta Allen Info (Anyone interested in sharing a guide?)

Going to be in Punta Allen from December 6-13th (and perhaps a few days longer). Looking for anyone interested in sharing a guide for a 1/2 or full day in that time frame. Going primarily for Bones, Permit and Tarpon, and bringing an 8-10 wt. I'll be taking a guide 2-3 days during the week. Also looking for advice on any good guides in the area.

Staying at Shardon and plan on fishing in the bay on my own as well. Spoke to the owner and sounds like you can fish without a guide in the bay, but need it everywhere else. Anyone have any insight on DIY bonefishing (or anything else) in the area? I've read the Boca Paila Bridge is good, but don't plan on stopping there, so looking for strictly Punta Allen info. many Thanks in advance.

Let me know if your interested in sharing a guide (or just grabbing a cerveza). Going down with the girlfriend to get away from the Chicago winter for a while.
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Old 11-14-2008, 10:04 AM
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Shon and Niki are great hosts, taking the concept of friendliness to a new level in a laid back atmosphere.

There are plenty of guides in Punta Allen, tracking one down should not be a problem at all. They might refer you to their neighbor, Sirena, who arranges bonefishing with a variety of guides. She has a few lodging options as well, and her own boat, so the rates will probably be a little higher than if you talked directly to the guides. I've heard of people getting a very reasonable rate, even at Cuzan guesthouse, for guided fishing with only one fisherman. I've fished with a number of guides in Punta Allen, and I couldn't really rate them in a meaningful way, they were all miles ahead of an inexperienced fisherman (which I was at the time), using their x-ray vision to spot fish all day long. I suspect the guides might differ more when going for permit, wouldn't know anything about that type of fishing, except perhaps for knowing how it feels to get skunked more often than not...

I've fished with Gaspar and quite a few folks from the Camaal family (including Potro, Benito and Willy). All great guides (as far as I can tell) and very business focused on the water. A friend of mine fished with Juan booked through Cuzan last winter, and landed a permit after 30 minutes on the water. You need to tell them up-front what type of fishing you like.

I bet you can head down to the docks and blindcast for cuda, other than that, it's not really a DIY friendly area. A boat will get you to the back lagoon, which is quite heavily fished and fish tend to be on the spooky side.

Oh, this info is 5-6 years old, it's been a while since I wa there, apply grain of salt as appropriate.
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Old 11-17-2008, 08:50 AM
semperfishing semperfishing is offline
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Just got back from punta allen

Ok first of all let me say this, I just got back from Punta about 2 weeks ago and stayed in the same place you are staying, the owner's name is Niki. What a great host. You may be able to find cheper accomodations in town but none more friendly and relaxed. After about two hours talking to her it felt like I have known her my whole life. So thats that, you will definitaly be satisfied with the accomodations. As for the DIY, for bonefish its really not possible at all as the bay is about a 20 minute boat ride minimum from town. You can always cruise up and down the open beach in front of town and may spot a few species to cast to but more likely than not these will not be bones. If you think you are gonna go down there and reserve a guide on your own, I will respectfully tell you the towns folk dont much appreciate that kind of thing. TO avoid any akwardness I would just tell niki that you are looking to fish and she will find you a guide. Because its still off season you can prolly get one for 250 for the day and if you feel like really bargaining maybe less. I went with a guide named Enrique a.k.a. el Koreano, and he was fairly decent. we didnt have the greatest conditions but I still expect the guide to spot more fish than me and that definatly didnt happen but hey he tried hard. If you want to know anything else feel free to drop me a line. Oh yeah the ride from tulum to punta is H E DOULBLE HOCKEY STICKS.
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Old 11-17-2008, 02:08 PM
semperfishing semperfishing is offline
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Just thought I would show you some scenery to wet your appetite a little bit. Oh yeah and tie up a load of bonefish bitters in tan, brown, and other similar colors, it was absolutly amazing how readily they inhaled that fly.
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Old 11-19-2008, 12:23 PM
inmanmatt inmanmatt is offline
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Muchisimas Gracias Muchachos - this is great info and the pics definitely got my Mojo going. I'll surely go through Niki to get guides and she has already been tremendously helpful via email. We are actually staying on the Lagoon side at a cabana she has available (Niki calls it Casa Naranja). I'll make sure I've got plenty of Bitters, sounds like the Lagoon side is pretty heavily fished, but it beats freezing my ass off up north.
Thanks again, Pura Vida.
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Old 12-03-2008, 09:17 PM
DblHaul1 DblHaul1 is offline
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Had to chime in on this one as I have been to Punta Allen 4 times in the last three years. Just confirmed my reservations for a return in April 6 days ago and was told they are actually laying a concrete road on top of that old dirt POS road that made me seasick riding to Punta Allen in my rental car.

This last time I stayed at Lupita's Place, and finally got all the pieces to fit. She has a very cool, all-inclusive B&B that she and her husband have been running for a couple of years. Her husband is some muckety muck big time guide who was in the Caicos. The food was out of this world and the guides and accomidations are the best I have found. And the price is right. Her husband will be giving free fly casting lessons full-time starting in January, 2009, which I can definitley use after my last visit.

The problem for me in the past was that the lodgings in Punta Allen did not have A/C or hotwater many places for that matter. I stayed at niki's and got eaten alive by bugs in the night. Also no food service and I want my coffee black and fresh in the mornings without having to do a hard target search at 6:00am and having to settle for instant.

Fishing - impossible for the DIY to have any success beyond mediocre. I tried to do that my first year and ended up hiring guides and getting what semperfishing got - guides who where more blind at spotting fish than me. BTW, every guy in Punta Allen is a guide.

Housing - when I'm done fishing I want a hot shower and retire to a clean room with an ambient temperature less than the outside jungle is giving. With a bug free entry zone without having to hide under the sheets.

Meals - again I have to say that Lupita is one of the nicest and most talented chefs I have ever met. The food was mindblowing and I don't mind paying extra for a happy stomach when I am chasing fish. The only other options were eating at Pepe's (?) in Cuzans. That got old very fast and more expensive more rapidly.

I think I paid around $500 total per day for one of Jan Isley's guides, fees, housing, all meals with Lupita and was amazed it actually cost me less per day than what I had spent in the past trying to piece meal. Ease of service....oh yea!
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Old 12-04-2008, 12:26 PM
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Hey DblHaul,

My reply was out of line...too many glasses of wine I suppose!

Best regards,
Henry Will Catching bones is great...but the real fun and excitement for me is the "Game" and just being there.

Last edited by Henry; 12-08-2008 at 04:58 AM..
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Old 12-04-2008, 03:00 PM
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I don't know if somebody took your last dutchie, but you might wanna lighten up on DblHaul. That's about going rate for any lodge trip in MX, and it's about 2/3 of Andros. Live and let live, baby
(and between you, me and the fence post, I wouldn't give you a loonie to catch a walleye- eat one sure, but the loonie fights better). Now, you wanna talk about big square tails, I'm all in
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Old 12-06-2008, 02:35 PM
DblHaul1 DblHaul1 is offline
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Punta Allen has smallish bonefish? Smaller than the bonefish you are holding in your picture? You are comparing your Stillwater lake Canadian blinding casting to a twice as hard fighting, moving target in shallow water? Attached is the average sized bonefish I landed. We saw schools of hundreds all day long. I stoped counting at 30 bonefish landed the first day because I wanted to search for permit. I landed 3 permit in 2 days which is a far cry from what I did in Marathan, Florida. Or on any of my trips to Canada.

Florida Costs:
Guides - $550 per day
Hotel - $125
Food – (bad) $75
Total - $750 more or less per day and I saw more boats than fish. Two different times!

And as far as casting sinking lines (Blind Casting!) all day till my arm falls off for a poor fighting, cold water fish – I’ll pass. I know walleye are good to eat, but I have a new favorite – the crispy whole fried snapper that Lupita made for me.

Lupita’s guides were outstanding, spoke English, and helped me with my casting. The guides I encountered on my previous trips to Punta Allen did not have a clue and several did not have boats suited to fly fishing.

Maybe you want to sleep in a tent and eat canned sausage three times a day. But I prefer to spend a little extra – have better guides and lodging and food. It is after all, a vacation and not a contest of the cheapest cheapskate.
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