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Old 03-15-2009, 08:49 AM
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RandyJones RandyJones is offline
Join Date: Before Nov. 1999
Location: Salmon River, Pulaski N.Y.
Posts: 569
Salmon River, Pulaski, NY and Cape Cod, Forecast, Tips, Article, Ramblings, Pics, Etc

For the rest of March, April and May
Steelhead Season Report, Forecast, Humor, Tips, Articles, Pictures and Rambling's (Some from the Archives)
Cape Cod, Chatham, Monomoy Island Flats and Beyond, Saltwater Fly/Spin Blind and Sight Fishing is just around the corner and
(See below for much more info )
A sampling of one of my recent weekly notes:
Mon. 2 new anglers, averaged a doz. Steelhead.
Tues. 2 very experienced expert S.R. anglers, hit 21, yes, that was 21 Steelies!
Wed. over a dozen
Thurs. over 17!
Last week over 20 steel played with in a day.
I had 2 clients who fished two days in a row.
Tues. 18 and Wed. 15 equals, 33.
-================================================== ========
As predicted and forecast, the fishing has remained STRONG and will remain strong until the last week of April - first week of May (maybe longer depending on mother nature), as usual. I'd recommend coming over to fish.
My guest's have continued to find around a dozen Steelhead each day to play with, almost every trip. Sometimes, even a few more! Same as last year. These are VERY strong averages and not the norm if you look at the last 10-15 years
The fishing WILL remain strong for the rest of the season (until early May approx.) with this many fish around now. As previously reported, every single Winter - Spring holding pool has ok to reeeeeel good number's of Steelhead! Most of these fish are reeel smart after having been fished too all Winter, so dont be surprised if you find the fishing challenging, slow, tuff to simply AMAZINGLY Incredible! We have fish top to bottom of the river.
With the normal higher water Spring flow's (rain, fog, snow, wind, run-off, etc...) having arrived, expect most of the balance of fish to be entering and running the river thru late March to early April. There biological clock is ticking and these higher flows will make them feel much safer about running up the river to find a mate and spawn. The transitional resting holding area's are starting to pick-up. There is already a lil spawning taking place. We call these fish our early spawners. You will notice the fish starting to pair up now. It's very normal at this time of the year to find them paired up. When you hit a fish in particular spot, make sure to cover that area thoroughly because their will normally be the mate (and more) in the same exact area. Have seen and done this a million times. Sometimes you will have 4 or 5 Buck's in this same area. Remember to always release any females asap (no pictures) if you want to keep catching. She is the bait and the reason all of those buck's are there. Once she is gone then the bucks have no reason to hang around. Kind'a like last call at the bar. Once that last ugly girl leaves, you have no reason to hang around any longer
March is when the fish will start to spread out over the entire river and beyond and become more difficult to pin point exactly. You will have different % in different parts of the river. Drop back's are starting to appear. This spring season looks super!
Shortly you will see 90% of the fish targeting the gravel, hint!
FYI - I like to leave the females alone. She is spawning, so let her b.
She is also the bait. She is solely responsible for all of those buck's hanging around.
If I accidentally hook her I break her off as fast as a blink of an eye. Sometimes she wont even know she was hooked. Thats the trick to keeping all of those buck's around for your fishing pleasure. The female will always normally be the lead fish, lighter in color. By following these simple instructions you will have many more fish to fish for, for your fishing enjoyment.
Look for drop backs all April. Lot's of'm too All in your favorite to fish holes and transitional resting points.
Mail Bag:
Hey Randy, long time no hear. Been trying to get the 4-best flats flies
article picked up by a magazine but it probably has more to do with my
lousy writing as anything else. Some good news though "On The Water
Magazine" will be using one of my shots for the April cover and
it happens to be you! It is a shot they used in the past for and article
but now want to use it for the cover. Gave them the low down on who and where
so they should be including your name and hopefully your website in the byline.
Keep em’ tight. John A. Halnon
(see photo on website)
20 lb. Bass taken on a white squid fly slowly swung on the surface over a transitional channel, hole, feeding lane.
FYI - I'm looking for a Free lance writer to write an article on"the 4-best flats flies". Having flies and flats experience a big plus. We have all the Pro. photo's and outline done.Having contact's in the National Fly Fishing Publication industry would be helpful to find a publisher. My Pro. photographer has some contact's. If we can get the article written, combined with the Pro. photo's, we should have a real nice piece that is acceptable for a
National F.F. Publication. I'm not paying anything for this service and you would look to the publisher's for this. I am also not looking to get paid myself.
Just a bi-line or name mention or URL. If thats all you would want then that would make it easier to get published, as you already know how that game is played Contact Randy Jones
Added Bonus Forecast, etc.. for your reading pleasure, entertainment:
Things could not be looking any better for the next couple month's. We still have fish in transition, top to bottom. This recent increase in water flow is bringing in fresh Steelies as we speak and also have fish dropping back to the lake after spawning! The Winter - Spring holes are ALL, yes ALL with fish. There is not a single Winter - Spring holding pool that does not have 5 to 75 Silver bullets in it presently. Some are stacked, Ssssh ! The previous #'s are also probably a lil on the low side, to be conservative. During April, most of these (fish %) will normally be in the shallows over the gravel.
Haveing the coorect presentation for the method you choose to fish, rigging properly for your presentation method and being exactly in the correct spot (habitat) will mean numerous fish. Being off just a lil on any one of the above can mean far fewer fish or none at all, unfortunately, which is very normal. Also, by moving around once you have covered your spot thoughorally will increase your odds greatly. That's what some seasoned anglers do and what I find to work the best.
Of course, as usual, these fish filled Winter - Spring holding pools can be difficult with very educated fish to fool, for obvious reason's. So, dont be surprised if you find them tuff. As some of you know, you can have just 1 thing lacking from your presentation, rigging and or habitat location that can hamper your results. Also, as many of you know, by covering all of your base's thoroughly and running 100% drift can turn your day into fish filled! I find that by knowing all of the pieces of the puzzle related to the above, what causes what to happen, both positive and negatively and then knowing how to correct it or keep it, per drift. Is the key.
As usual, anglers will find their fishing tuff, ok to outstanding, normally dependent of your previous experience on the water targeting this very special, challenging, magnificent and exciting species of fish.
After the last two months of Steelhead filled days, it's consistent enouph to be able to easily forecast another good Spring. Besides the ones we already have, we still have more fish to come and drop back (Bonus!), as usual.
The fishing has been reeeeealllly good for myself and others!
My guest's have been averaging around a dozen Steelhead each day. Some shore anglers our hitting them real good while other's are working for them. I'm finding fish in almost every spot that I fish. I'm fishing both transitional spots as well as Winter holding pools.
For your best fishing opportunities, fish the area's that have a gravel influence above, equal too and below your fishing location - hole - transitional or prime holding water's. It's what I do every spring and Fall when we have fish on and around the gravel laying and eating egg's.
This TIP, comes with a money back guarantee
This could be you! Ye-Haaaa!
(See Photograph's @ Fishing Reports -
A couple of Spring 20lb. Bucks from Pucker Brush Creek, N.Y. - Ye-haa!
(Released for your future fishing pleasure)
We are finding fish top to bottom of river in all the normal place.
There are a number of spot's where they are stacked up!
All presentational techniques are working with varying degrees of success. Same with what you are offering the fish to eat.
I'd obviously recommend coming up with the quality fishing we are finding now. It should remain good all Spring at this rate. The fishing to me is as good as last year. And last year, as many of you know, was one of the best in many years.
Want to increase your normal catch rate by 50-75%
Best Fish's,


From the Archives:
Creeks, Streams, Rivers - Winter into Spring

Typically, the other “best time” to fish for steelhead is just around the corner. End of Feb., March can be “prime time” for steelhead as there is not only leftover winter steelhead, but also fresh runs of springtime fish. Winter thaws and early spring rains generate runs of steelhead. The water temperature will rise along with their metabolic rate, so they will be much more apt to move for a fly or bait. Normally, the whole river, creeks and streams are alive because you're fishing transitional areas, etc... and holding-resting points.

When the Salmon River is running high due to run-off, its prime time to walk the many miles of streams and creeks in the area. Ever try to land a 10-pound Steelie in a small creek? Its not easy, but lots of fun! Once ice-out has happened in the smaller tributaries that run into Lake Ontario north and south of the Salmon River, it’s a great time to explore! These tribs will all have fresh chromers moving in.

Imagine walking up a small stream 20 feet wide, light colored bottom, crystal clear water, through the forest and seeing 10-20 Steelhead, 8-12 pound average in one to four feet of water and not seeing a single other person all day. Sound like Alaska? Nope, believe it or not there are several areas not far from here where this is possible. Many of the creeks and streams feeding into Lake Ontario have steelies in them, but only a few that I’ve found are hidden away in a beautiful pristine environment without any or many other anglers. Normally the Salmon River will flood at least once during the spring. Knowing the optional creeks and streams in the surrounding area to fish during this flooding can sometimes save your trip.

Due to possible increasing angler pressure to these areas, (which they can not handle) names will not be printed. Let’s just call them, "Pucker Brush Creek.” )

Please keep in mind that they're maybe a 10 to 25% (approx.) survival rate among steelhead that spawn. These may return as our 15-20 lb. fish next year. Also, they're maybe a 10 to 15% (approx.) natural reproduction of steelhead that provides us with a wild strain. By putting some, if not all of your catch back, you will be helping yourself, other anglers and your children to continue to enjoy this incredible fishery for years to come.

When I go fishing, I take all this and more into consideration. In my opinion, steelhead fishing is one of the most challenging and rewarding types of fly/spin fishing you will ever experience. But to achieve proficiency you need to have a clear understanding of the species and habitat in which they live. Then you'll soon be realizing the best part of fishing - FISH ON!

Bottom line: Any month is a good month, providing the fish are there. Which they always are. Just depends on number's. And no one can forecast that.

Happy Hookin;
Randy Jones
Mail Bag:
I fished with you in 2007 and would love
to do a couple of trips with you this
upcoming year. I am looking to do a
striper trip with you. I wanted to get
in touch with you now so you could recommend
some dates for me.
I would like to plan a trip to the Cape but
was looking for your advise as to when a
good time to come down is (fish being in
and tides). My schedule can be very flexible.
I appreciate your advice.
Hi J.D.,
Monomoy Island - Sight and Blind, Fly-Spin Fishing, Wade Flats (Cape Cod - Chatham), I like the end of May - June (Easiest) and the first 2 weeks of July - (Biggest and freshly arrived, yet not totally educated like Aug.). My personal favorite time is August when they are the most difficult to find as well as catch due to their incredible education level. I personally would not recommend the mid to late part of August unless you have VERY fast tides.
Normally (But not always) the faster the tides, the better the fishing for a number of reason's.
(See HOT Pics @ Fishing Reports -
Get the best Tides while there HOT!
Tide speed
Fast - May 21 Thurs. - May 31 Sun.
OK - Average - June 6 Sat. - June 10 Wed.
Fast - June 20 Sat. - July 1 Wed.
OK - July 6 Mon. - July 13 Mon.
Fast - July 20 Mon. - July 28 Tues.
OK - Aug. 4 Tues. - Aug. 12 Wed.
Fast - Aug.18 Tues. - Aug. 25 Tues.
These do not include the slow tides that also can fish reeel good and have their own advantages. If you coming to the Cape on your own, no matter wade or boat, I'd plan my fishing vacation - trip around the above tides. It would be harder to NOT catch a fish on these faster tides, especially May-June and early July.
If booking a trip with me during my favorite times then tide is not that critical. All tides are good tides.
Low Mid day
May 28-June1 (Fast Tides)
June 12-16 (OK Tide)
June 26-30 (Fast Tides)
Personally, I like a low around mid-day. This gives me greater flexibility and I also get to catch the fastest part of the dropping tide which is normally (not always) the best part of either tide. You tend to see a crescendo of fish and catching.
(See much more @ Fishing Reports -
Mustad Hooks:
If you are looking for a great hook, look no further. Many guides, Seasoned Salmon River Steelhead Anglers, my Two expert Fly Tier's and Myself, all use the Mustad Signature Series Ultra Point CO68 and the 37132 for all of our Salmon and Steelhead flies. These hooks are grown locally, almost in your own back yard. I use exclusively the Mustad Signature Series Ultra Point CO68 for every fly that I use for steelhead. Matter of fact, Im haveing about 1,400 flies tied up for my business as we speak, all on those amazing Mustad CO68's.
All of my favorite Salmon Flies are tied on either the CO68 or the 37132.
The reason Mustad went to a Signature Series Ultra Point was to be more competitive with the other high end foreign hook manufacture's. They have succeeded!
If you'd like to visit there website for more info. or get some great Salmon - Steelhead fly recipes, here it is
SHARPEST Site on the Web -

Seaguar - like nothing you'll ever see.
Sea. gets its strength and flexibility from two exclusive unique floro. resin's in patented double structure technology.
Enouph of that tecno stuff. (Boooorrrinnngggg, snooze) If you want to use the exact same leader - tippet material that I do for steelhead, then this is the exclusive floro. I use in the Winter time. I think it is also the most expensive? I get paid to guide anglers like yourself and feel its my responsibility to offer you the best shot at catching fish. Thats why I only use the best materials, etc.. made, simple. It is not brittle in the Winter time like some other really good floro.'s are. The diameter beat's ALL other's. As Ive always said, anytime you can disguise what your fly, bait, etc.. is tied too, any species of fish, anywhere in the world, the odds are pretty good that you will play with a few more. If you want to use the same floro. as many of the world's TOP guides, then Seagaur is the ticket.
I could type all day long on the advantages you'll have over all other angler's, type all day long about all of the experiment's Ive run. All day long about, well, you get my drift. I only use the best materials, etc.. in my guide business. In many many cases, this one product can make the difference between no fish and a dozen. Been there, done that, I've bought the T-shirt. I like my side of the fence better than the other side. We have all been on the other side, but no more, with Seagaur Fluorocarbon.
Hi John,
Thanks again for your sponsorship!
I only use your Seaguar Grand Max for leader/spin and tippet/fly in both the Salmon River (mostly blindcasting with some sightfishing) in Pulaski, NY for Salmon and Steelhead and Salt/Cape Cod/Monomoy Island Flats/Sightfishing/Striped Bass and Bluefish.
In both locations I am normally dealing with very smart/educated (pressured and big) fish. Water is crystal clear and the fish are ultra spooky.
The top five things I enjoy about your Leader/Tippet attributes are:
1. Invisibility
2. Strength
3. Invisibility
4. Knot Strength
5. Invisibility
Thanks again for your continued support!
Best Fish's,
Randy Jones
Seaguar - like nothing you'll ever see.
(See Photograph's @ Fishing Reports -
This heated fish catching machine awaits you!

Just an idea:
It seems as though the skiing industry is ahead of the Winter Wader heater industry as far as keeping your feet warm. If cold feet are a concern for you, then I think one of the ways to go is to look into the ski boot heater systems for a possible avenue to take. Above is a link that may help you. Good luck!
This new and innovative rigging will guarantee all of your fish are hooked in the mouth. (0% mortality rate, 0% foul hooked) I would have not believed it unless I had seen it with my own eyes in the saltwater. Pat has caught 100's if not 1,000's of Steelhead useing this method and I think only 1 was hooked in the tongue. His lost rate is equal to any other method. His method will actually increase your odds of hooking up with flies as they will have more action. You can use this with bait also.
Mail Bag:
Dear Randy,

I first became aware of your existence by your post on the steelhead site. I found your post on rod tip placement after hookup to be the single most informative, educational, and accurate advice I've EVER gotten from ANYONE PERIOD! I used your tips Christmas day at the upper trestle and landed a 15# girl with less fuss than most 6pounders I've caught. Thanx for the help, I reeely appreciate it. It's so rare to find a salmon river guide so honest and forthright sharing lifetime info with beginners like me for free.
I just tonight (Jan. 9) clicked on the link to your site and can't believe the wealth of great info you've so kindly taken the time to share with the world at a mouse click.
I live in Rome, and although I fished Salmon as far back as meat hook days, (I think 1979 was my first year) I've never fished steel seriously until this past November. I've fished with guides a couple times with my brother, but I've been going on my own for the most part since Nov. 1st. I plan on going tomorrow (Saturday) and I will try to remember all I can, especially keep the tip as high as I can and keep my tip in front of my line and as tight as I can. I've also been using too much weight. Pre-setting the hook sounds like the golden ticket, too.
I bottom bounce with a noodle rod exclusively as this is all I know. I've only had good luck with egg sacks, but want to start using more flies as this seems to be what everyone else is catching fish with. I'm just going to bounce the flies the same way I bounce eggs as again, this is all I know. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I also want desperately to learn to float as I see this working all around me.
What do I do when the wind kicks up? It blows my line into a bow, and I can't feel anything.
Thanking you again for all the great info I hope to hear from/see you soon.
Regards, Frank
Hi Frank,
Thanks for the email. Im very happy that you enjoy the site and that it has helped!
Sure, fish your flies the same way as you fish your egg's on the bottom. Same presentation method.
Windy: I fish the same way with rod tip high. The trick is to not watch where the line enters the water. Instead, watch the bow in the line. As soon as that bow start's to straighten out, thats your pause or hesitation, so you give the rod a lil twitch. Then the bow should re-appear as you continue your drift. (your weight just rubbed a rock or something) If your line does not move then your either snagged or you have a fish. So watch the bow when windy. I hope this helps, it does for myself and guest's.
I'd enjoy very much taking you and your brother out.
I hope you had an enjoyable day fishing.
Best Fish's,
We Had A great time w/ you and got out b4 the snow.
Thank you for everything !!!! We had a blast.
Hit 4 more down at Pineville below the bridge
after fisihin' with you for a total of 17 fish
for the day. We had an incredible 68 fish in 4 days
of fishing.
Take care of your self and thank you for the great get
away. Pat
All of us (the local economy) who benefit from this fine fishing would like to "Thank you all" for spending your valuable fishing dollar's here.
I hope all of my complementary past, present and future reports, tips, articles, pictures and ramblings entertains and keeps you safe while helping you in your Steelhead quest! Sharing this free info. with you has and always will be my personal pleasure.
As always, my (Our) prayers and hopes go out for a safe stay and return home for all of our service men and women who are fighting over sea's and who also visit my site on a regular basis.
Thanks to all of you who have used my guide services in the past, refer trips to me and to anyone who stops by and spends their valuable internet fishing time here.
Best Fish's,
I have some good Steelhead articles if your a new viewer. Ramblings galore if you like to read.
Please see fishing report's and fishing tips. It may help you on your next trip up here.
All of this is Archived Material. (@ Fishing Reports -
The secret to our success's over many years?
Normally we will fish 6-7 different spots per day and normally will find them that way. The more spots, the more you learn, the more you learn the better angler you become, in my opinion. Even if the fishing is slow, you still come away at days end a better angler. This "better angler", now has the capabilities of positively, confidently pursuing and catching these normally challenging species of fish for the rest of their lives. Besides learning new spots, the most important thing you will be learning and perfecting by fishing a number of different and unique places will be the very most important aspect of fishing, which is the "art" of fine tuning #1, presentation. Each new spot places different and new challenges to perfecting your 100% drift if you truly want to try to be a member of the 10% club.) Like a snow flake, each area to be fished has it's own unique flavor which will challenge your technique of always trying to perfect and achieve a 100% drift. It's this change through out the course of the day that will help you to remember and perfect yours and mine #1 goal. Presentation. In closing, I guess you could say that The secret to our success's? would simply be presentation.

Every new spot you'll need to learn the proper drift first, before fishing it. I normally give myself 4-6 cast's (drift's) first to acquire the necessary information (most, but not all of this has been written about before in the past years) needed to consistently and productively cover my water and try my best to run 100% drift's. Very few anglers do this but you can be assured that many of the 10%'rs do. (10%'rs are the 10% that catch 90% of the fish) In the last few weeks fishing 6-7 spots is how we have succeeded in finding the most steelhead. But, only by learning the drift first, then trying to catch some, did my guest's achieve their many success's.
See you on the water!
(See much more @ Fishing Reports -
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