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Old 08-09-2000, 04:42 PM
riverrunner riverrunner is offline
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Would like to explore and fish the Ipswich River.Ive never launched there and would appreciate any info I could get on parking on weekends,launching and navigability on low tide.Thanks in advance for any info.
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Old 08-09-2000, 05:40 PM
mdglaw mdglaw is offline
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Location: Marblehead
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At last a subject to which I can claim authority, not that I have hesitated to weigh in on a variety of subjects with an utter lack of authority.
The Ipswich River launch costs $5. The guy gets there about 8 am or so and puts a slip on your car. The ramp gets busy around 10-2. The evil scum sucking jet skiiers show up about 10 or 11 after their hangover has subsided. The river is very difficult to navigate at low tide. In my opinion the river does not fish as well on incoming as it does on outgoing. Fish will not be very big in the river. We have caught one keeper sized bass in the river and that was right at the ramp. The best tide is a dead low at 11. Launch at 5. There are several rocks about 100 yds downstream throw a popper or black deceiver, or slider there. About 50 feet on the left is a series of rocks which form a rip on the left worth a few casts. I would then motor out to the opening for what I believe is fox creek on your right. The channel is on the right side of the river. Try a few casts around the creek mouth. Then bear to the left pay attention to the marker buoys. There will be little water at that next curve at low tide. There is a rip and bar on the left side of the bank and the bank is undercut and deep with fish on the right. There is a flat that can be productive at that curve just past the red buoy. At high tide you can go all around that area to back and find fish.
As you follow current out here there are oyster beds with lots of fish, and creeks emptying out into the river . I have caught a dozen fish on the same number of casts sometimes at these creek mouths.
when you get to the anchorage agrea the deeper water is to the left side. A sand bar forms on the right. I have pulled my boat on this bar and fished along this bar and caught many fish. The bank on the other side has a number of deep holes which hold fish.
The anchorage is full of fish but tricky to fish because of the current and the anchored boats. On the right stage of th e tide there is a nice flat on the other side to which I have sight casted fish. I have not done well on the last bit of channel although I see many fly fishers on left bank. But that is what they can reach from public access.
Outside if you go straight across you will find a series of flats that hold nicer fish and bluefish. Also the edge can be very productive. You can go to right (not to sharp or you will hit some rocks, Go down to the rocks at Cranes beach past the swimming area and there are fish all through there. We have used Yozuri swimmers and poppers and flies with great success in all these areas.
Now for the bad news. It is really really tough to fish this river right now due to no see ums. I mean this can drive you absolutely nuts, even with repellent. Do not fish the Ipswich unless there is 10 miles of breeze to keep off the bugs in the summer.
This river is a lot of fun to fish by kayak or canoe by the way, you can get into the skinny water and not spook the fish. Just watch out for the full boar nitwits who run the river at 6,000 rpm.
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Old 08-09-2000, 06:50 PM
rwolson rwolson is offline
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Join Date: Before Nov. 1999
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Amen to the nuts in the river. I once heard and watched aguy after dark beach his boat on the rocks at the base of Little Neck. I waded out to help the guy, but he did not acknowledge my presence so I left him sitting on the rocks. He kept try to rock the boat off the rocks by using his motor. Definitely a funny situation.

You are right about pele flying thru the river even in skinny water. I have seen larger boats hung on the sandbars during low tides.

The no-see-ums. Any repellant this year becomes an attractant for some reason. The more you spray, the more come to dine on your bod.
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