Re: Looking for info on trout fishing in Canton Area ?

John Silva **lets try this again** (
Thu Apr 1 09:03:25 EST 1999


Anyway Joe, You're in a tough area.

Either way, your best bet may be to drive a little. Most ponds and rivers that have been stocked up to this point have been in the south, northern and Central districts. Check out the trout water stocking list at the Mass fish and game web page. ( you can find a link on Mark Cahill's page: ) Perhaps you'll find something on the schedule that is close by. If not, you'd probably do best to drive to the Plymouth area to your south or the Worcester area out west.

If you head south, feel free to drop me an e-mail and I'll be glad to point you in the right direction for success.

Here's the list I found on the Mass Fish and Wildlife page for your area.......I didn't see any of these listed as being stocked yet in 1999.


•BELLINGHAM - Peters River •BRAINTREE - Sunset Lake •CANTON - Ponkapoag Brook, Massapoag Brook •DOVER - Trout Brook, Charles River •FOXBORO -Wading River •FRANKLIN - Miscoe Brook, Uncas Pond, Dix Brook •MEDFIELD - Vine Brook, Mine Brook •MEDWAY - Hopping Brook, Charles River •MILLIS - Charles River •MILTON - Pine Tree Brook, Houghton's Pond •NORFOLK - Charles River, Mill River •NORWOOD - Traphole Brook •PLAINVILLE - Ten Mile River •SHARON - Beaver Brook, Massapoag Brook, Lake Massapoag •WALPOLE - Mine Brook •WESTWOOD - Buckmaster Pond •WEYMOUTH - Whitman Pond, Old Swamp River •WRENTHAM - Eagle Brook, Lake Pearl

Good Luck


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