Re: 3/30 - 2 strikes but not a third

Charlie (
Thu Apr 1 09:38:24 EST 1999


I haven't any western trout experience, but I have stalked a few browns on the Batten Kill. If I have one of those wary buggers hit and feel the hook, and get off...I better find another fish. I hooked into a fish this fall on the Wiloomsac that made my guide's mouth drop. Of course in my ultimate fishing prowess, I freaked and pulled with enough force to rip its lips off. I wanted another try and I am not sure what came first the scowl or the "what are you an idiot? he won't hit again now" look. Oh, and Bob...about your not casting to the "trout" you saw in front of you? I remember when I started Bow hunting 4 years ago. My first time out a buddy and I were driving to the field we were to hunt and saw 2 does about 10' from the road. Apparantly stopping the truck to stare at them was a bad idea...those were the ony 2 deer I ahve ever seen while hunting. Thank God I don't rely on my hunting/fishing skills for food.

Good luck and enjoy this season everyone.


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