Re: Eeling gear. What do I need?

D. Corbet ()
Sat Apr 3 08:31:42 EST 1999

If you're boating, I can recommend a good way to handle the little buggers. I use a 2 or 3 gal. plastic bucket with holes punched in the lid. Eels are placed in it the night before and covered with a little seaweed, no water. When ready to head out fishing, set the bucket directly on top of some ice in your boat cooler. Not only do they keep real well but they are nice and sluggish when you take them out of the bucket and much easier to put on the hook. They wake up/thaw out as soon as they hit the water. Snot balls virtually eliminated. Putting them back in the fridge after a days fishing, I have had them last as much as three days and still be in good condition. As was suggested here some time last year, use a piece of plastic mesh bag (like the kind that citrus fruit from FL is often packed in) to grip the eels. Dave.

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