Re: Final Reel-Time Survey Results

Mike F ()
Wed Dec 2 07:18:16 EST 1998

Interesting results! Although from the perspective of a Mathematician, I'd say that your sample was much too small to draw any conclusive broad based results.
HOWEVER - Your sample is probably large enough to draw some conclusions about the habits of RTers. Interestingly enough you may have more info at your disposal than the powers that be use as a basis for their fisheries policies.
I realize that the state uses data obtained from samplings of fishermen. I just don't know of anyone who was ever sampled!
There is much more info available about the commercial fishery than the recreational.
Bob G -
I doubt if the netting of herring for the purpose of being used for bait makes a dent in the overall population of the species. I do feel however that lobstermen who load up pickup trucks with herring to be used for bait do make a significant impact on th
e species.
The fact of the matter is that most commercial fisherman don't give a hoot about the species they are targetting. They live for today's profit and when one species is decimated they move on to the next.
Yesterday's junk fish - Wolffish, Conger Eels and Dogfish - are todays ground fish staples.
I don't think we realize how fragile some of our fisheries are. A couple of lobstermen who dragged the guzzles of Plymouth Harbor during the winter months, managed to wipe out the winter flounder fishery within a several year span. They did the same thing
to the Blue Mussel fishery.

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