Peter Sorensen ()
Wed Jan 20 21:38:43 EST 1999

This seems to be a common event with these motors. I got this from http://www.wmi.org/bassfish/bassboard/boats_motors/17324.htm#2

1/20/99 3:48:25 PM Big "E" ( from Louisiana says Ficht
I own a 225 Ficht OceanPro. I ahd a 175 Ficht Oceanrunner on which I had 3 powerhead failurres (each one a different cause). The 200/225 Ficht's are a totally different configuration from the 15/175's in as that they are 90 degree V's compare to the 60 degree V of the 150/175. I have not had any problems with my 225. The 225 burns a little more fuel than the 175 but the increase speed surprise even me. I would not consider buying the 150/175 Ficht at this time but if you want to go with the 200/225 I think you will be pleased.

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