Re: where to find big rod case on Cape Cod querty 1/23

Bill Downing (
Sat Jan 23 08:23:39 EST 1999

Only place I've seen the Plano "bazookas" is at tackle stores, and then only
certain ones. Unfortunately, I don't remember seeing any on the Cape, but maybe
Red Top in Buzzards Bay/Bourne is worth a call. Last time I checked, the Outdoor
Store in Natick had them; maybe they can mail it to you. They cost about 50-60

I've had the same case for about ten years, but eventually the accumulated
baggage handler abuse/drop-kicking caught up with it this year and the top
of the tube got bent at a 20 degree angle (the rods were unharmed) due to rivets
working their way out of the plastic wall. I've replaced the rivets with nuts/bolts
so hopefully that will solve the problem.


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