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Ray Bondorew (af602@osfn.org)
Tue Jan 26 11:04:45 EST 1999

Greetings-For several years now I've seen many posts concerning tide prediction software or URLs
of tide predictions on various internet locations. Some of the software carries a hefty price tag for what you get.
The internet sites require internet access which often takes time. Five years ago I purchased some DOS based Tide Software to use for my club's newsletter from Ed Wallner of Wayland MA. His software was used by many newspaper along the east coast including several in SE New England.
His program allows you to calculate and print out the future high and low tides for one day to as many days as you like. You can also plot this data out. The tides for any day in the past can also be calculated.
This software calculates tides for practically any location along the east coast where you'll be fishing from fixed station locations(There's 15 locations on Martha's Vineyard alone to choose from). You can also determine the tides for any given spot by entering its coordinates. This software has no expiration date and is good forever and being DOS based you don't need to access the internet..
The best feature of all this is the price tag of $15. A far cry from some of the big bucks stuff I see mentioned. To me this software is the best investment of $15 that a fisherman can make other than Polaroid glasses.
To get a copy of the Tide Software contact :
Ed Wallner at (508)-358-7938 or e-mail epwallnr@world.std.com

I have no affiliation with Mr Wallner, monetary or otherwise. I'm just a very satisfied user of his software who gets tired of seeing so many posts concerning expensive software. I thought I'd let you guys in on a good thing.
Got any questions? E-mail me direct.
Ray Bondorew
Author of "Stripers and Streamers"
Visit my homepage at : http://www.osfn.org/~af602

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