Green Pond Ed (
Wed Jan 27 11:08:39 EST 1999

Outrage IS a lot more boat. I have the Montauk. It's a rugged, simple boat that is great on 90% of the days. The other 10% I can do something else. One of the trade offs is that a fully fitted Montauk weighs about 1500 to 1700 lbs. Outrage weighs considerably more (and costs more). Many conventional sedans and station wagons will easily tow the Montauk. I have a Taurus wagon. This means I can drop it in bay on a Friday night, leave it at the mooring, fish, fun, etc, pull it out Sunday night, rinse it down. No bottom paint. Much less corrosion and wear than leaving it at a mooring, which I have done with a bigger boat. At the same time, I must admit that it would be great to have a 23' SeaCraft to shoot out to the Hooter at the drop of a hat.....

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