Re: 1/30/99 Rubber Shad Lures

Dave Boucher (
Tue Feb 2 10:25:22 EST 1999

I Like the Little( 3-4 inches) Chartruese/Yellow rubber shad with a
triangular yellow jig head. They've served me well for spring schoolies,
haven't worked to well in late summer and fall though. I get mine up at surfland
on PI, No glue, I just pass the hook through as Larry described, I replace them when
when they start sliding down the shank of the hook. Also had good results
experimenting with putting the little rubber squid tubes on run of the mill small bucktails
rather than curly tails...worked great (I think when they were taking sandeels)
but I couldn't get the cheap thin tubes to stay on long enough, Hope to get up
to Kays to search for a thicker variety....Tried to glue/wrap etc. the cheap ones
didn't work out...I'm keen to try some of those shrimpy twin tails as well.


PS: How long do you figure it'll be before little rubber tails are de-riguer
on clousers...?<G>

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