Re: Overlining reels

Dale Hubbard ()
Wed Feb 3 08:53:32 EST 1999

Like Bob, I'll use 15# Big Game or Trilene XL on a Penn 450 (metal reel) that's on a custom 7' Lamiglas blank.

This rod was also used & abused pulling pogies from down deep with a snagging treble. I did damage the anti-reverse on this reel, but Kay @ Surfland replaced the pawl arm and its as good as new for only $7 - and this reel had years of serious use.

I've never had a problem with any Penn drag as long as I clean or service them occasionally. FWIW I think most fisherman DO NOT back off their reel's drag when they're done fishing. To me it's probably the most important "care" to do other than keeping it clean and lubricated.

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