Car Top Fly Fishing Boat For Sale

John Wolfstaetter (
Fri Apr 9 09:02:02 EDT 1999

Car Top Fly Fishing Boat For Sale

I am selling my 1998 15'4" Gheenoe. A Gheenoe is a specialty boat that is a cross between a canoe
and a john boat. The Gheenoe has a 44" beam at its widest point. The Gheenoe is made in Florida
and is popular for both shallow saltwater fishing and bass fishing. The Gheenoe is a great inexpensive
boat that can be easily transported on the car roof. Unlike a canoe, two people can stand and cast in
the Gheenoe without the fear of flipping over. It is the perfect portable fly fishing boat. The Gheenoe
is rated for up to a 10hp outboard engine but can be easily paddled by one person. You can pole
the flats all day with little effort and the Gheenoe draws only inches of water when fully loaded with a
Mercury 9.9hp engine. The Gheenoe has a lockable live well which doubles as a dry storage

I am including several accessories with the Gheenoe. A universal receiver bar that clamps to the
gunnels of the Gheenoe. Pneumatic tires that attach to the universal receiver to assist in
launching/recovering the Gheenoe and can also be used to transport the Gheenoe over both loose
sand and rocks. A leaning post that also attaches to the universal receiver. Two paddles which
attach to the sides of the universal receiver on each side and function as rudders to help the Gheenoe
track straight when poling in a strong wind. The price for the Gheenoe and accessories is $575.00.

I am also selling the 1998 Mercury 9.9hp outboard engine that I used to power the Gheenoe.
Include with the engine are the following accessories: Two 3 gallon gas tanks with fittings, two fuel
hoses, a portable engine stand, a nylon carry and storage bag with handles, spare spark plugs, a
spare prop nut and washer, a spare starter cord, a safety cable and a fresh water flush unit. The
price for the 1998 Mercury 9.9hp outboard engine and accessories is $1475.00.

The Gheenoe and 1998 Mercury 9.9hp outboard engine with all the accessories listed above is
available for $1900.00.

I am selling this set-up because my father retired and bought an 18' Maritime Skiff. There is not
enough room in his driveway for both boats.

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