4-11: Agawam, Coles Rivers

Bill Downing (bdowning@world.std.com)
Mon Apr 12 08:15:21 EDT 1999

Well, at least I saw two tiny stripers caught (actually one was snagged) at
the Agawam this time (late afternoon) and felt a couple of bumps on jigs.
Does that count? ;-)

Earlier that morning, the guys there were telling me the schoolies were there
in good numbers about halfway down the outgoing tide, mostly hitting little
jigs and swimmers. I spent most of the morning catching hatchery-food-starved
trout instead, including a 2 lb tiger trout (a first for me). Looks like a
fish with a camo suit on ;-)

Also hit the Coles very late in the day. Make it 0 for 2 there so far this season...


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