Re: Weird and windy 9/12 - South Cape

Steve Moore ()
Sat Sep 12 21:31:28 EDT 1998

Frank: stopped by your place today and found lots o' fish on the opposite bank from your house; a pleasant surprise to catch fish in minimal wind!

Larry: I have two firends that fished the suconesset rip earlier this week. One had a fish dump an entire Penn 4500 loaded w/ 10 lb., and the other fought a fish for over an hour, only to lose it to the line parting. Both the fish I hooked today looked to be of Harker's Island proportions. I think ther are some bruisers in there, and I will do some research tomarrow.

Thorne (or the first one to call me at 508-771-0491 tonight) I have a spot on the boat tomarrow. must be willing to meet in Centerville bewteen 5:30 and 6:00 a.m tomarrow.

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