Re: Weird and windy 9/12 - South Cape

Dave A (
Sun Sep 13 06:17:56 EDT 1998

Waquoit at sunrise: wind against tide and good chop at entrance.
Many many boats and little showing on surface ,caught a glimpse of albies and casting blindly several minutes later and hooked and landed one on a white buny.
Worked our way toward Succonesset and same as all week spanish mackerel jumping out of the water. George on the bow " hooked up " and fight and lands a nice spanish on a white bonito bandit fly.Fished for them for appx 2 hours and couldnt get another. did find out searobbins really like potgut jigs.Tried many flies and jigs and lures, but no more eventhough
they were still obviously there.Anyone yet figure what they like?
Made the mistake of running to Vineyard.It got much above the predicted 15k
after we got there.Cruised from Haven along Oakbluff, State beach and into Edgartown. Never saw a thing except possibly one guy near lighthouse in harbor hooked up .Little traffic no birds no fish popping.check area of gut and windmill and no one in areas and nothing showing.
Worked back along vineyard shore and stopped at usual spots .nada.
Entering Waquoit current running hard to east and strong into jettys a huge
rip forming on West jetty.Water was dark brown from herring and stripers so thick.One guy on Jetty having a ball getting bass nonstop.We made several drifts along rip and doubled up on every pass.
All in all a nice day and a good mix of fish.

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