Re: 9/14 NH Striper Night Fishing - Advice

harlan ()
Tue Sep 15 08:59:00 EDT 1998

Wait ! You mean to tell me that people fish bass during the daytime ?
I've heard talk but never believed it myself. How do you find these
fish in the light ? <g>

At night its pretty simple: you find a hole on the shore/surf
or a rip or a bunch of big rocks with deeper water close at hand or
maybe a tidal river. Then you wait and listen. And when you're
finished listening and waiting you drift flys in the current or float
a big black slider on the surface.

You dont use a light (unless its an emergency), you
dont make big casts until you've covered the water close at hand and
you probably shouldnt wade too deep or be too agressive until you
know the geography pretty well.

You should watch for skunks and mud banks and I occasionally fret about
herons and coyotes but that's just me

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