Re: Line Stretching? Any Advice?

Keith B (
Fri Sep 18 09:05:33 EDT 1998

I have the same lines you talk of and have a simple and effective management
Firstly, I store the lines on large plastic spools (about 12" diameter)
that I got for free from Home Depot. I just go to the electrical section
and ask for the "empties" (which had wire on them before).
The spools are black, hard plastic, are about 1 foot in diam with 4" width.
I put 3 little screws into the spool drum and just loop the line on and wind it
up. I have a shaft which I mount on a board and the spools sit on
the shaft and I just wind the lines on and off in about
5 seconds(3 lines per spool). I store the lines on the spools and just reel em
up onto the reels before I go out fishing --- no memory.

Second, I always rinse the lines in fresh water after fishing to "de-salt" them.
(That is, before i wind them onto the big spools)
I have found that the residue on the lines causes terrible tangles otherwise.

Third, If I want top performance (min tangles, max distance). Treat the line
with either "Glide" (my favorite -- from Umpqua I think) or "Zing". Either
treatment makes the line nearly tangleproof - the zing is soooo slick that
sometimes I loss control of the line as I shoot line on the backcast - I cant
re-grab it to begin the forward cast(it's too slippery) and it falls in a
heap behind me.

I apply the Glide or Zing by using a second spool. Again mounted on a shaft on the
board (2 spools about 1 foot apart).
I just wind the line from one spool to the other while holding the line with
a treated rag. As the line goes through the rag the line picks up the
glide or zing. I rewind it to the storage spool and then -- onto the reel and
away I go.

I have big loops on the end of my backing of my reels
and large loops on the end of all my lines. I just
Loop-loop connect/disconnecst all my lines.
Very quick and easy. The effort is spent in making
the braided loops. A fun winter project.
If your interested I have an article on how to make them.


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