Re: 8 Weight Travel Rod - Build or Buy??

David Churbuck (
Tue Feb 16 16:47:36 EST 1999

I've built four fly-rods. Two for myself. Two for friends. The first was a Clemens houseblank. I made a mess out of it, but learned a lot. It broke on a striper. The tip section was turned into a great ultralight spinning rod. No warranty, no nothing. Live and learn.

Second rod was a beautiful Sage blank. Everything was top of the line, down to the Fuji titanium single foot guides. Best rod I've ever used. Cast a shooting head like you read about. It broke.

Moral of the story. Build a few rods. Get that satisfaction out of your system. Then buy rods with no question asked guarantees and spend your winters tying flies.

Just my opinion

It broke.

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