Re: 2/18/99 Fisherman With Way Too Much Spare Time!

Tim St. ()
Fri Feb 19 00:59:37 EST 1999

Wow! Great site Ric! (and thanks for pointing it out Jay) To think, just last week I met and was sitting across from the infamous "4 wt." at lunch in Marlboro, not knowing a thing about him other than his exploits on RT, and now we all get to share in his love life! However, I'm a bit concerned for your future Ric; it's apparent that your priorities may be somewhat out of whack, considering you got swindled into planning a wedding (in Georgia!?!) during the very most important time for a striper fisherman in NE. I just hope you'll make up for this lack of judgement by packing your fly rod to Tahiti or wherever, ensuring she knows what's really important in life.
The best of luck to :)

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