10/20 South Shore hotspots still hot

Michael Powers (DontTread2@aol.com)
Tue Oct 20 02:38:21 EDT 1998

Last week's doldrums had me convinced that the rest of my season would be spent on Route 3, running down to harry the last of the Cape Cod bass.

I stopped off for a major schoolie blitz at 3rd cliff on the way to work this morning, and just came in from a wicked good time with Adam at the infamous hotspot.

We tried the Rivermoor spit first, but it was deader than Elvis under a howling wind. When that spot is dead it's best not to flog it. So we charted a course for Plymouth, but said "why don't we hit that infamous lighted dock on the way". Fish were breaking when we arrived and kept it up for the 2 hours that we fished it. Dozens and dozens of schoolies. Adam even let me catch the only shad [and it was a big one for a hickory!].

I fished a tandem rig and had multiple doubles, once with two of the larger 20" fish [most were more like 16"] that felt like one big one for a while.

All prior naysaying, gloom and doom, and general mope-mouthedness on my part is hereby rescinded, nullified and void. They're still here.

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