Re: purchasing waders

Dave Boucher (
Wed Sep 23 08:57:39 EDT 1998

I use Gralite waders and am very pleased with them. They are a canvas and some
kind of rubber/pvc and have proven very tough. I've been climbing over rocks
and sitting on barnacles for 3 or 4 years and they look and work like new.
FYI: They don't come in stocking foot but the boots are the best i've seen (worn)

not as warm as neoprene (early spring or late fall can be chilly-I just wear longjohns)
not bouyant like neoprene
expensive for conventional(I don't remember exactly, but between 150-225)

Relatively comfy (they are available in a great variety of sizes including tall)
Cooler than neoprene
some kind of gaurantee (3 or five years maybe?)
Very very durable
easy to repair (I have not had to do this but they sell a repair kit)

So, depends upon what you're doing, excellent waders for all around surf
probably overkill for streams/creeks. Once I am done paying of my fly fishing induced
dept(I'm starting to realize how Paul Cellucci's credit card debt got so high)
I'll probably get some breathables to augment these (I think if I wait for
them to wear out I'll be retired)

Good Luck,

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