9/27 Goose Rocks Beach... bait thick ...but...help?

John S. (john.smith@webmail.une.edu)
Sun Sep 27 19:51:11 EDT 1998

I fished Goose Rocks beach in Kbunkport this weekend. Friday it was spotty but I couldn't fish it at my favorite time. Last night the bait was there on the outgoing tide. I spent a bunch of time dumping the sand eels out of my casting basket. I only caught a handful of fish and was suprised more stripers weren't around. I threw everything at them. I spoke to some people who were throwing bait and they had the same luck. Tonight it was still very spotty but there was still alot of bait. Any ideas? I tried deep I tried on the surface I tried in between. I tried all the different style of flies I have in many different colors any helpful hints, it was very frustrating. Is there such a thing as too much bait?

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