Re: J.P. Salmon in the news

Art Burton (arteburton@worldnet.att,net)
Sat Apr 11 20:58:05 EDT 1998

The other day someone asked about flies for the salmon. In the 1980's I wrote an article for United Flytyers,"The Round Table" The article was add a little flash to your flies. The fly I memtioned is one that I have caught quite a few salmon on it I gave
it to a friend when he went to Canada salmon fishing. It is simply a "Mickey Finn" It was dressed using fluorescent yellow and fluorescent red with flat silver tinsel ribbed with silver oval tinsel. Today I think Bill's body braid would be better, and ma
ke a more durable fly. Most times you need a fly to agitate them. Hope this helps someone get one of the big ones. Art B.

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