Re: Question of Beach Access Rights in MA

David Churbuck ()
Thu Apr 16 09:42:36 EDT 1998

But parking remains the killer. Here it Cotuit the town and state want to spent big bucks to improve the launch ramp at the foot of Old Shore Road. It's a muddy mess right now with a major hole guaranteed to rip your trailer's axle off. Parking? Doesn't e
xist. Anywhere. The village wants the ramp, but doesn't want the cars and trailers. I'm thinking of getting trailer for my 18' skiff, but where do I park the truck? Barnstable Harbor has a nice ramp/parking area, but I think it's restricted to Town of Bar
nstable stickers. Chatham has a nice area in Stage Harbor which offers great access to Monomoy. Anyone know if out of towners can park there?

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