Re: Leaky waders

Bill Downing (
Wed Apr 22 09:01:08 EDT 1998

Been there, done that.

For latex or rubber/nylon waders try a Toluene-based product like Shoe Goo, Shoe Patch (available in some outdoor, shoe, or hardware stores), or AquaSeal. Rough up the general area where you think the leak is with a file or sandpaper and clean with alcoho
l. Dry the area and apply the "goo" with a plastic knife, popsicle stick, or palette knife. Extend the application well beyond the suspected trouble spot and don't be afraid to use a thick coat (usually one or
two applications are enough).

Unlike epoxy which can dry and crack, the stuff dries to a hard, rubbery finish that flexes with body motion. The repair doesn't last forever (eventually the stuff dries out and hardens) but I'll been able to extend the life of some waders by two seasons
that I would have tossed otherwise.

Haven't tried this on neoprenes, so I can't vouch for its effectiveness there.


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