Flats Bass

Mark Cahill (mncahill@telegram.infi.net)
Tue Aug 5 09:39:24 EDT 1997

I've been fishing the flats lately, and frankly my results could be better. I've managed to spot enough bass, get casts off to them and get follows. That's where the story ends for now. Many follows, no hits. What's up with that?

The flies I've used are a veritible who's who of feathered offerings. Clouser's, Big Eye Decievers, Del's Merkin, Rattle Crab, Crazy Charlies, etc. I've tied up a bunch of sandeel tube flies to simulate the prevailent bait, using micro-wieghts to avoid creating too much splash on presentation.

For leaders, I'm using a hand tied 12' leader with the last two feet a fluorocarbon 8# test tippet. Construction on the leaders is right, because it turns even the bigger flies.

I did well sight fishing last year, but this year I can't seem to connect. Help!

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