Re: The cow

Larry Backman ()
Wed Aug 6 10:39:37 EDT 1997

I'll buy the thought that warm water slows big fish and makes them sluggish but I also have a theory that the bigger fish don't get hooked that often because they've seen it all, and when they get hooked are more than likley able to use their weight to break off as opposed to having to run hard.

This fish, as well as the 40 pounder I landed last year, as well as the big one that got away in the Merrimac all seemed to fight more by using their mass and weight than by trying to run.

I visualize them as the aging heavyweight boxer; 40 poundss heavier than the young Mike Tyson, and trying to use weight, mass, and experience to win the fight.

When I hooked it I didn't even realize it. Had it swallowed the eel, turned and gone back in the rocks to cut me off, just playing a waiting game? The big fish in the Merrimac wa smost definietly just hanging head down, using its weight and acting like a doormat. This fish, and also the one last year in Bournes Pond never did any surface thrashing, but stayed deep the whole time.

While we don't think a fish gives a good fight when it does a doormat imitation is that a large fishes best line of defense; save its energy, and let the fisherman make a mistake 1st...


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