Re: When Is Flyfishing Something Else?

Mike F ()
Fri Jan 23 07:38:18 EST 1998

Hi John,
I think Dan Blanton describes your technique as his 'two hour retrieve
technique'. It may not be "Classic" but its effective and flyfishing. You might
want to check out the bulletin board and BB archives on his home page - . He and other board regulars are extremely knowledgable.
They get into discussions concerning shooting heads, tackle,flies and
'West Coast' techniques which are well suited for the Chatham rips. In fact he
has put them to good use there. There are some guides who also utilize these
techniques to good advantage in the area.
Although I live 10 minutes from the Canal, I find myself more and more making
the 50 mile drive to Chatham. Beatiful area - great fishing.

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