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Sat Jan 24 00:44:32 EST 1998


If there's any room left in your book budget I've got one more title for for: "Striper Stategies -- Confessions of a Striper Bum" by Jack Gartside. Jack grew up and lives in Boston. Unlike some other experts, for whom bass are just one of the many species they pursue, this guy lives for striper fishing. Plus his knowledge and insights are based on local conditions and experiences and thus particularly useful. fish for bass. He's developed some wonderful patterns, among them the gurgler which for my money puts the clouser to shame as a bass fly of choice.

Unfortunately his books can be a bit hard to find. I know Stoddards of Temple Street, Boston carries them (they carry his flies, too). If you can't make it into town call them -- they may do mailings.

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