Re: Big Bass?

Mike F ()
Thu Jul 10 07:37:22 EDT 1997

Larry, In the 60's and 70's a 20 - 30# fish was referred to as a Cape Cod
schoolie. A fish in the 40# class might cause another angler to pause and
comment, "Nice fish!". To get your picture in the paper you needed at least
a 50 lber. Fish in the 60# class were never common. Each year would see
several landed in the 60# class.
I can still remember the mornings in the early 70's off of Barnstable Harbor,
when there were acres of 40 and 50 lb. stripers on the surface chasing
mackeral. Hopefully, someday we will have the opportunity to fish for the
numbers of large fish which were present then.

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