Re: Outboard Recommendations?

allen newell (
Fri Jul 18 06:07:07 EDT 1997

Mark, most engines today are well engineered and designed and are probably more "commercial" grade than ever before. The Japanese engines were developed for commercial use only. There was no significant recreational boating market in Japan until after the war. So their engines have traditionally been noted for durability, and function. However, competition being what it is today and the expanding recreational market has driven all the manufacturers to improve the quality and performance of their products. Some of the motors today incorporate advanced engineering and design features that are hard to beat. My suggestion would be to settle on two or three models and keep asking around to get some real-time user feedback on overall performance and reliability, then make your final decision. I've been using a merc for the past 11 years and it just keeps on chugging but I know that with each year's passing I'm on borrowed time. You did well to get 17 yrs out of you engine. Money as
ide, I tend to be somewhat partial to Yamaha. I would caution against buying the first year's design of any engine though - just on principle -

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