Re: Stripers in NH

Tim Miller (
Fri Jul 18 12:06:22 EDT 1997


I usually fish from a boat, BUT I see a lot of people on the shore. If you are
familiar with the Portsmouth area try the below.

1. On either side of the New Castle bridge near the Kittery Yacht club (strange
that it's in NH not ME)the fish move from the river into back channel/little
harbor through here.

2. Hilton park, off of the Spaulding Turn pike (route 16/4) Dover Pt. NH.

3. Blood point, get off the Spaulding turnpike (Newington exit) do the reverse
direction under the highway and look for historical maker. Fish under General
Sullivan (Unused bridge next to spaulding Trnpk. bridge) bridge and adjoining
flat south of bridge, A LOT of people wade here.

4. US Coast Guard station on New Castle Island, out past place 1 above. Walk out
past the old fort and fish the rocks.

5 Any place down Rt 1A toward Hampton where you can get out to the rocks
and or the beach, depending on your guess of where the fish are.

Hope this is some help.

Tom P, you know of any places I missed?


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