Re: 7-19-97: Brewster Flats Report

Neil Cronin (
Tue Jul 22 14:07:38 EDT 1997

Been out on the flats a few times of late flyfishing from my kayak. Witnessed 2 guys last week flipping live eels from a tin boat anchored on a flat and flipping eels into weeds and deeper cut. They pulled in numerous keepers. I kayaked upcurrent, drifted various flies through the deeper water and onto the downside flats with only 1 bump. Buying a drift anchor for the nnext trip because I think the drift made the fly move like a bullet. Also of note was a super-abundance of sand eels. They were fizzing at peace until around 7pm when bass began exploding on the flats nonstop. Needless to say I wasn't able to hook 1. Had more luck 2 weeks ago with breaking fish just off the drop off fishing rats ass flies in the blitz. There are plenty of fish out there now just need the right combo.

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