Re: 7-19-97: Brewster Flats Report

Mike F ()
Wed Jul 23 11:52:36 EDT 1997

If you use the bucket in a bucket configuration (inner bucket w/holes) the
water drains into outer bucket and eels are happy above the water.
If you use a larger version of the freshwater baitcasting reels, they have
spool control and level wind. They are easy to cast. Something like an
Ambassadeur 6600 with 25# should work. When you get used to them, conventionals
are much more trouble free than spinning (no wind loops and line twist).
Plus they give you much better feel for what is going on and they are
lighter in physical weight. Its much easier to learn how to use them than it
is to learn to flycast.
When you miss a fish check the eel. You will see the rub marks the raspy
mouth of the bass makes. You can judge how big the fish was that rejected
the eel. Usually its a small one.
I can see if I keep talking about eel fishing I'm going to be dusting off the
eel bucket soon.

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