Re: 7-19-97: Brewster Flats Report

Larry Backman ()
Wed Jul 23 13:13:35 EDT 1997

OK - got it - a bucket w/in a bucket makes sense. I'm surprised though that you say conventionals are lighter than spinning gear; the ones I have used (Penn's) are a brick.

As to rasp marks on eels; I call them tread marks. A well used eel can have quite a pattern of tread marks and keep on kicking.

Heres another eelism I have found this summer. Cast at the rocks from the boat and drift w/ the current down the channel letting the eel parallel you as you drift down the channel. After a while retrieve the eel as you would a lure. I often get a couple hits (and misses) from small fish chasing the eel and tugging at its tail.

Good fun.

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