Re: Great Bay Estuaries

john cloyd (
Tue May 26 13:05:50 EDT 1998

One of the rivers feeding GB is the Squamscott which can be accessed at the
'Singing Bridge' at Rte. 108 in Newfields. I see a lot of people fishing there,
but the water is generally pretty muddy. There is also a trail that runs along
it in Exeter, near the library, which I hope to check out one of these days.
I've heard people say the fishing is good at the RR bridge where the river
meets Great Bay, though access is not clear to me. It looks like you could
walk in next to the train tracks from Stratham. It would be easier to paddle
down in a canoe or kayak. It's a nice paddle, but beware the very strong current
on a moving tide.

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