Eel Fly!

Larry Backman ()
Mon Jun 1 06:28:25 EDT 1998

Fished with eels on Saturday night; lots of hits, very few fish. The bigger bass hadmoved out. Two guys in the same spot caught fish after fish using swimming rebels.

Last night; same place, same tide; me and 2 rods. Eel rod and the 7 wt. fly rod and a home made eel fly out of Kenny Abrames book.

When the action started I used the eel; got 2 low 20's fish and a lot of hits. SWitched to the fly rod and got 3-4 hits per dead drift. My biggest problem was getting the hookset as the fly was in and out of the fishes mouth in an instant.

I suspect the bristliness of the deer hair collar was unnatural.
Anyways; it was good hook set practice and I finally figured out the timing.

Gave it up at 11 as my arm was beat and 20" fish on a 7 wt. in current are quite a battle, showing me backing over and over.

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