Re: Proud owner of a wire line Senator

Larry B. ()
Tue Jun 2 05:57:07 EDT 1998

Frank & Mike - thanks.

As to banana's I learned about them the hard way on a charter in the key's about 10 years back. Skunk city.

Couple questions - I understand the danger of freespool; will the wire go ape on me when I go to put a jig on thew first time? In other words; the mono is tied to the frame now under tension; when I go to add a jig do I have to be careful to keep things tight or only when I put things in freespool.

Second - how much mono leader and how heavy should be used above the wire and what sort of knot is used to attach the leader to the wire? At a glance it looks like an albright knot. I assume I should have a swivel in the leader rig somewhere to avoid twist?

I've read that wire goes down 10' in depth for every 100 feet out; is that accurate?

Somewhere (on the water??) I read a weed eater trick - attach a treble hook above the swivel and leader; about 3' above the hook to catch the weeds rather than have them on the hook itself; does this make sense? If not - how do you avoid constant weed?

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