6/8-6/12 Maine Report

Mike T ()
Wed Jun 10 09:26:52 EDT 1998

Spent the last few days fishing in Maine with several good friends that visited. Cold

NE wind and water temps that dropped below 50 didn't bode well for our start.

I don't know wether it was just bad luck or weather, but it was the worst fishing

we have experienced this year. High winds Friday made fly fishing outside the Saco

difficult and we could only raise 10 fish inside the river. Fish and baitfish were

spotted in large numbers, but they just wouldn't hit anything we offered.

Saturday and Sunday we fished everywhere from Biddeford Pool to Higgens beach with

similar results. Monday was the worst day of em all. Tuesday picked up, but the

fish were small.

Did anyone have any luck over the weekend? If so I'd be interested in the where

and what.

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