Re: 6/10 - Maine live bait question

Bill Lord (
Wed Jun 10 10:03:11 EDT 1998

We were in a Sea Pro on Saturday - I think we gave a wave to you near PSNH (I was the taller one sporting the facial hair). We had a rough day - got blown all over the place. We fished some of the ledge areas at the mouth of the river on both sides. We
were in 4 feet of water in one spot and had fish under the boat. I threw everything I had at them to no avail. Unfortunately, I can get back until the weekend of 6/26 - at least it should be warmer by then and my father-in-law can catch the mackerel he'
s been looking for.

As for the pollock, alot of people will be bummed out to hear that. And actually, the biggest fish I caught last year was in the river on a pollock. I did some looking around after posting my message this morning and found that Maine adopted the federal
pollock length limit of 19" if fishing from a boat - no length limit if from shore. That also leads to another problem - most people I know also got the pollock they used for bait in Maine waters. Better watch that ME/NH border out at the Isles - I thi
nk it splits the Isle third from the south, which would make most of the Isles fishing in ME. I better check my map.

Next time I see you I'll be sure to stop to say hello. Good luck & thanks for the info.


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