Stripers in NH 6/19

TMiller (
Fri Jun 19 09:17:44 EDT 1998

Returned from a business trip late last night, haven;t had the cahnce to fish
since 6/12, was starting to get the shakes.

Left out of Pierce Island Ramp around 5 AM. Figured with all the rain should
head for the clearest water, went to Cod Point lighht and Pepperial cove,
Schoolies on the surface EVERYWHERE. Cught them on white decivers, Small Rapalas
and a Zara Spook. Didn;t seem to matter what you threw as long as it wasn;t
over 3 inches long. Packed up around 7 and came to work.


Will there be a greater Striper Mortality due to the decreased fishing pressure
caused by this bad weather (I assume less people are fishing becuase of the rain).

Will the stripers food supply be hurt by the water being screwed up? As in will
the silversides, sand eels, etc... have as good a breeding season with this huge
amount of fresh water being put into the system at there spawing time?

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