Re: Stripers West Wall? 3/22

D. Zambrotta ()
Tue Mar 24 22:03:06 EST 1998

Trying to use a boat to fish for the bass at the West Wall would be a waste of
fuel. The best fishing is within 50 yards of the jetty and most times only a short
cast away from the jetty. Best fishing is from the beginning of the wall out
to the first bend. No need to go out to the end. Remember to fish the ocean
side. Water temp in Narragansett Bay (Naval War College) today was 42 which is
one degree cooler than the first week in March. 42 is about average for this
area at this time. I noticed that the Buzzards Bay Tower water temp has not been working for a while, I suspect those 50 degree temps a couple weeks ago
were incorrect readings.

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